Delain - Dark Waters (2023)


A lot has happened since the band’s 2020 banger “Apocalypse & Chill”. The band’s signature vocalist Charlotte Wessels and pretty much all other members at the time left as Martijn Westerholt decided to press reset on this band. With tons of expectations being generated of who would be the new vocalist of the band, Diana Leah was unveiled late 2022 alongside a few returning ex-Delainers. All those issues aside, “Dark Waters” showcases a triumphant new phase in the band’s story with lush and bombastic music.

Opening with the lush “Hideaway Paradise”, Delain is back in full force with soaring vocal melodies alongside crafty symphonic arrangements and a good dose of distorted guitars. The band’s style feels refreshed and focused on their strengths, with Martijn Westerholt leading with dramatic orchestral arrangements, as we can quickly hear in pieces like “The Quest and the Curse”, “Beneath”, and “Mirror of Night”. Diana Leah’s vocals are superb and perfectly bring to life the cinematic nature of the music.

Catchiness is another factor that makes “Dark Waters” an excellent release, with highly engaging songs like “Tainted Hearts”, “Month to a Flame”, and the dazzling “Queen of Shadows”. There is a good amount of heaviness, with growls and liberal usage of distorted guitar, nicely creating a very well balanced mix. Reaching epic proportions, “Underland” has to be our favorite track with over-the-top choir arrangements and subtle electronic elements to keep things fresh and engaging, alongside epic headbanging passages.

Overall, “Dark Waters” is an excellent release filled with epic and memorable tracks. Delain’s new phase is off to a great start with a few older faces and exciting new ones that have poured their heart and soul into this release. Highly recommended album for any fan of Symphonic Metal, and we are sure that it will also win back a few of the doubters of the band’s new direction.

Bands: Delain Album: Dark Waters

Label: Napalm Records

Release: February 10th, 2023

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Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 96/100

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