Tribunal - The Weight of Remembrance (2023)


Delivering over 45 minutes of highly enigmatic and atmospheric Doom Metal, today we have Canada’s Tribunal and their debut release “The Weight of Remembrance”. Perfectly blending crushing riffs and haunting cello arrangements, this release is sort of a mixture of My Dying Bride and SubRosa to some extent. Highly recommended for fans of the genre, this album creates an oppressive atmosphere while delivering a few surprises.

The release quickly sets a moody tone with the powerful “Initiation” and its slowly crushing riffs alongside Soren Mourne’s hypnotic vocals. Similar to Jex Thoth, Soren’s deep and enigmatic vocals give a very eerie and solemn tone to the music, as heard on pieces like the crushing “Of Creeping Moss and Crumbled Stone” and the desolate “Apathy's Keep”. The band’s ability to craft truly haunting and sinister atmospheres is top notch as each track delivers its own unique magic.

After a breather with “Remembrance”, “A World Beyond Shadow” is ready to inflict pain and sorrow with its powerful riffs and moody tempo. Weaving back and forth between all-out Doom passages and heavier moments, the band’s sound is far from linear and predictable. One of our favorite tracks has to be “Without Answer” and its old-school Goth/Death Doom vibe, a track that brings back memories of 90’s releases.

Closing with the 12-minute behemoth, “The Path”, the album reaches its pinnacle with a brilliant moody piece filled with lush passages and crafty headbanging moments. Overall, “The Weight of Remembrance” is one excellent release with superb replay value and haunting atmospherics. Tribunal delivers melancholy and skill in every minute of this release and should get them in the radar of all fans of the genre.

Band: Tribunal Album: The Weight of Remembrance

Label: 20 Buck Spin

Release: January 20th, 2023

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Genre: Doom Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 96/100

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