Oerheks - Landschapsanachronismen (2023)


Storming the listener with waves of melancholy and aggression, today we have one-man project Oerheks and their 2023 demo “Landschapsanachronismen”. Delivering nearly 25 minutes of music in two crushing tracks, this release showcases a very promising band with excellent ideas and a knack for oppressive atmospherics paired with lush interludes.

Opening with “Een Eenzaat in het Landschap”, the release quickly sets a dark and cavernous vibe. We particularly like the lo-fi approach to the genre, giving the music that extra level of rawness that many bands lack. H. the band’s sole member perfectly weaves in lush acoustic guitar interludes to pace the heavier onslaughts. On “Een Oude Wijsheid werd hier Gevel”, we get a more emotional side of things with demoralizing screams and an assortment of mellower passages.

As a whole, “Landschapsanachronismen” is a powerful demo release that is set to reach a wider audience through Amor Fati Productions. If you like cold and cavernous Atmospheric Black Metal that is not overly polished or produced, this release is as good as it gets. We hope that in the future Oerheks keeps its lo-fi, misery inducing atmospheric brilliance.

Band: Oerheks Album: Landschapsanachronismen

Label: Amor Fati Productions

Release: February 22nd, 2023

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 92/100

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