Imperium Dekadenz - Into Sorrow Evermore (2023)


With all the killer reviews coming out in January, we almost missed “Into Sorrow Evermore”, the epic seventh full-length release of Germany’s Imperium Dekadenz. Featuring around 50 minutes of melodic and highly atmospheric Black Metal, this release feels like a mixture of Vreid with Der Weg einer Freiheit. If you like atmospheric stuff, this is probably one of the best in quite a while.

Opening with the engaging “Into Sorrow Evermore”, the band nicely sets a moody vibe as the wave of blistering guitar riffs and furious drumming sets in. We like this tempered approach as the band’s sound slowly expands and envelops the room very effectively. The headbanging continues with the crushing “Truth under Stars” and it nicely mellows out with the solemn opening of “Aurora”.

The best feature of this band has always been how well the manage the music tempos, allowing for some tracks to be violent like “Elysian Fields” and “Forests in Gale”, while others a bit more restrained, still deliver vicious Vreid-esque onslaughts “Awakened beyond Dreams”. However, we particularly enjoy the transition to Doomier and more melancholic pieces like our favorite track, “November Monument” and its very oppressive and yet slowly crafted atmosphere.

Closing with grace and power, “Memories … a Raging River” has more of a Winterfylleth vibe and we totally love it. Overall, “Into Sorrow Evermore” is one hell of a release filled with crafty melodic guitar work, tons of atmosphere, and while it reminds you of other bands, it is its own beast. Imperium Dekadenz has been honing its craft over the years and their last few albums have been totally awesome, so check them out.

Band: Imperium Dekadenz Album: Into Sorrow Evermore

Label: Napalm Records

Release: January 20th, 2023

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Genre: Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 94/100

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