Moonlight Sorcery - Nightwind: The Conqueror From the Stars (2023)


Some releases are just too awesome to have a digital only release, and thanks to Avantgarde Music, today we have Moonlight Sorcery’s latest EP “Nightwind: The Conqueror From the Stars” available in different physical formats. Featuring a very interesting mix of old-school Black Metal with a heavy Melodic edge, this band perfectly captures that 2000’s vibe when the genre was pumping out excellent releases.

Hailing from Finland, this outfit quickly sets a hectic tempo with the magical “Ancient Sword Of Hate” and its uncompromising melodic riffing. Filled with furious lead guitars and blistering drumming, this track is quite punishing and yet highly engaging. With a thrashier edge, “Yötuulten Kutsu” has a certain early Children of Bodom-meets-Alghazanth vibe and we totally love it. Definitely one of the best tracks in this release.

Things get even more interesting with the virtuosity and atmospheric oppression of “Constellations”, a 7 minute track with killer guitar leads. We particularly love how the band’s sound has that rough old-school feeling, but the technical proficiency and songwriting has a modern bite to it. Closing this short but sweet release we have a cover of Agatus “Black Moon's Blood”, with the band’s signature magic sprinkled into it.

As a whole, “Nightwind: The Conqueror From the Stars” is one hell of an EP that hopefully leads to an even more impressive debut full-length release in the future. Moonlight Sorcery has managed to create a whole signature style of their own making, highly melodic but with tons of aggression. If you like fast and Melodic Black Metal with technical wizardry baked into the mix, you will love this EP.

Band: Moonlight Sorcery Album: Nightwind: The Conqueror From the Stars

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: January 13th, 2023

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Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 96/100

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