Top 5 Melodic/Doom Death Metal releases of 2022

Being huge fans of the genre(s), we decided to have a separate list for these killer releases.

Honorable Mention: Hanging Garden - Neither Moth nor Rust (2022)

Perfect for fans of bands like Theater of Tragedy, To/Die/For/ and Beseech, this release keeps the Female/Male Death/Doom flame alive.

Honorable Mention: Kuolemanlaakso - Kuusumu (2022)

This EP led by Mikko Kotamäki nicely continues the band's legacy of well crafted and engaging releases.

5. Abyssic - Brought Forth in Iniquity (2022)

Crafty release from a band that keeps pushing boundaries with their uncompromising style.

4. Décembre Noir - Pale Serenades (2022)

This EP shows a unique and interesting side of the band with the addition of some excellent guests.

3. Wolfheart - King of the North (2022)

It is always extremely impressive how Tuomas Saukkonen manages to deliver every single time... with every single one of his bands!

2. Mournument - Smouldering Into Dust (2022)

Giving us chills with their Doomy Agalloch-esque essence, this album is both majestic and extremely engaging.

1. An Abstract Illusion - Woe (2022)

Perfect amalgamation of styles that resulted in one hell of a unique and carefully crafted release. Definitely one that we listened constantly at the office.


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