Top 10 Death Metal-ish Albums of 2022

While there are still tons of 'regular' Death Metal releases being submitted to us, we opted to review mostly Progressive/Technical Death Metal releases as we find them more interesting. However, there are some exceptions that made our list as well:

10. Massacre - Mythos (2022)

No top 10 Death Metal releases of any year would be complete with some crushing swampy Floridian Death Metal band on it.

9. Scars of the Flesh - In Darkness Alone (2022)

Old-School Death Metal with a few tricks up their sleeves. This album also had some killer cover tracks.

8. Catalyst - A Different Painting for a New World (2022)

Expertly crafted Technical/Progressive Death Metal form France. Keep an eye out for this band!

7. Immolation - Acts of God (2022)

This band continues to amaze us with quality releases that combine their singature style, but they always incorporate new and different elements to keep their sound fresh.

6. Lamentations - Passion of Depression (2022)

Brilliant Progessive DM release filled with intricate arrangements and crafty songwriting.

5. Bloodbath - Survival of the Sickest (2022)

Old-school Swedish Death Metal can't get any better than this. So make sure to bring your nostalgia when listening to this one.

4. Corpsegrinder - Corpsegrinder (2022)

The debut solo album of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher really delivered the goods with plenty of neck breaking headbanging tracks in this release.

3. Fallujah - Empyrean (2022)

Even with a new vocalist, Fallujah has managed to drop one hell of an impressive release in 2022.

2. Abysmal Dawn - Nightmare Frontier (2022)

Constantly grinding over time, Abysmal Dawn continues to get better and better and this release was one of our favorites of 2022.

1. Obsidious - Iconic (2022)

Ex-Obscura members show they can make their own awesome brand of Technical Death Metal music as they managed to sneak to the top of our 2022 list.


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