Top 10 Black Metal Albums of 2022

For Black Metal, 2022 was a great year filled with crushing release both traditional and a bit unconventional:

Honorable Mention: Wampyric Rites - The Wolves Howl to the Moon (2022)

Raw and cavernous, nothing fancy just pummeling and quite engaging.

Honorable Mention: Sigh - Shiki (2022)

This Japanese outfit continues to push the envelope with their wacky and yet intense highly characteristic Black Metal interpretation.

10. Imha Tarikat - Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World (2022)

Brilliantly relentless, this release quickly made it to be ones of the most listened (and enjoyed) BM albums at Infernal Masquerade this 2022.

9. Saklas - The One Who Swallowed God (2022)

Showing the band in multiple facets, this EP delivers both interesting ingenuity and strong foundations.

8. Satanic Warmaster - Aamongandr (2022)

Late entrant to our list, Satanic Warmaster always delivers pure fucking armaggedon with their releases.

7. Celeste - Assassine(s) (2022)

This band continues to gradually get better and if "Assassine(s)" is not near their peak, we can't wait for what comes next.

6. Serpent Noir / Sargeist - Transcendental Black Magic (2022)

For a split release, this album delivers some of the finest monents in the genre in 2022. So don't shy away from its magick.

5. Mystic Circle - Mystic Circle (2022)

Legendary German outfit made a triumphant debut with this excellent and well balanced release.

4. Aethyrick - Pilgrimage (2022)

High in atmosphere and intensity, this album continues to show the genius of Aethyrick and ther ravaging music.

3. HiddenT - Where Light Ceases to Exist (2022)

Another fine discovery from Sun & Moon Records, this album unleashes hell and brutality unlike few this year.

2. Bâ'a - Egrégore (2022)

Raw and punishing, this release is full of power and melody perfectly combined to create a destructive combination.

1. Watain - The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain (2022)

Brilliant return from one of the most piercing and polarizing bands in the scene. Definitely the best of 2022 in the genre.


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