Satanic Warmaster - Aamongandr (2022)


Keeping that old-school Finnish Black Metal flame alive, today we have Satanic Warmaster and their latest effort “Aamongandr”. Unleashing six tracks and around 36 minutes of pure mayhem, this one-man battalion feels like an army heading to battle. With a timeless sound and crushing execution, this is definitely one of the BM highlights of 2022.

The release opens with the ravaging intensity of “Bafomet” and its piercing riffing. The band’s sound is very typical and well polished, and even delivering some extra melodic guitar work to keep things fresh and interesting. Keeping things very hectic, “Duke's Ride” unleashes waves of crafty drumming, Werwolf’s signature snarls, all alongside excellent synth undertones. The ability of the band to keep songs fresh and dynamic while retaining their core Black Metal elements is quite engaging and keeps the release interesting.

We are huge fans of blistering pieces like “The Eye of Satan” and “Darkness... Triumphator” that seamlessly blend rawness, brutality, and atmospheric melancholy. While not overly done, these songs are quite melodic and well adorned to fully grab the listener’s attention. Closing with the Burzum-esque “Barbas X Aamon”, the listener will be fully intoxicated with the band’s aural assault, and will certainly hit the replay button immediately.

As a whole, “Aamongandr” is a very well polished and highly engaging release. It might have taken eight years for Satanic Warmaster to release this full-length, but the wait was worth it as it continues the band’s legacy in great form. If you like your Black Metal fast, brutal, raw, and yet well adorned and a bit melodic, do not miss out on this release.

Band: Satanic Warmaster Album: Aamongandr

Label: Werewolf Records

Release: December 30th, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 94/100

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