Admire the Grim - Rogue Five (2023)


Making our first review of a 2023 album, today we have Finland’s Admire the Grim and their debut EP “Rogue Five”. Featuring a crafty Melodic Death Metal sound, this new outfit delivers five tracks and around 16 minutes of superbly catchy and engaging music. If you are a fan of Finnish MeloDeath bands, this outfit is right up your alley as they have the skills to carve themselves a path in the genre.

Opening with “The Flood”, this band immediately gave us an eerie vibe to a USA band called The Approach and the Execution and their highly dynamic sound. In this opener, the band showcases all its skills with excellent melodic guitars, solid growls (female singer), and well balanced clean female vocals. After headbanging non-stop from the first track, things escalate with the Arch Enemy-esque “Mad Queen of the Second Sun”, another fine piece that perfectly blends melody and aggression.

Rolling through this release, “Admire the Grim” and “Rogue Five” are short but to the point tracks that further cement the band’s crafty songwriting skills. Overall, “Rogue Five” is one of those high-octane releases that is full of memorable moments and showcases a very promising young band. We can’t wait to hear the band’s debut full-length as we can expect it to be even higher quality than this teaser EP.

Band: Admire the Grim Album: Rogue Five

Label: Inverse Records

Release: January 13th, 2023

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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