Imha Tarikat - Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World (2022)


Hailing from Germany, today we have relentless Black Metal outfit Imha Tarikat and their latest opus “Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World”. With a heavy focus on melody and raw emotions, this release unleashes a well polished and yet crushing onslaught of ten powerful tracks. For fans of outfits like Fell Voices and Vanum, this band means business as it levels everybody on their path.

After an unsettling intro, “Radical Righteousness” quickly delivers waves of rawness and brutality, with crafty drumming and hectic guitars. While seemingly just raw and powerful, the band’s sound takes a turn as “Touch of Mercy” showcases a different side full of melodic guitars and a playful bass guitar line. We particularly enjoy how the band seamlessly weaves back and forth different styles, but all is glued together by the aggressive vocals.

Ruhsuz Cellât’s guitar work is excellent and tracks like “Brute Majesty”, “Flood of Love (The Beast Trigger)”, and “ Dominator Proselytism Tactics”, showcase great abilities to craft unique and different melodies and patterns that invigorate the band’s approach to the genre and makes them instantly stand out. Our favorite track in this release has to be the crushing “Stardust Wisdom (Manifest of the Deity to the Unkeen)” and its intensity.

Overall, “Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World” is one hell of an album, and Imha Tarikat is one very promising band. Having seen them live at Prophecy Fest 2022, the sheer power and intensity they bring to their live shows is the same on their studio releases. If you want uncompromising power, excellent creativity, and oozing emotions, this is the BM album for you.

Bands: Imha Tarikat Album: Hearts Unchained - At War with a Passionless World

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: December 2nd, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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