Dødsengel - Bab Al On (2022)


Crawling out of the depths of hell, today we have Norway’s Dødsengel and their latest opus “Bab Al On”. Playing a vicious Atmospheric/Occult Black Metal, this outfit has some serious Blut Aus Nord vibes minus the industrial aspects. Unleashing some of the most decadent and misery inducing soundscapes, this release clocks in at 72 minutes of pure evil and atmosphere. If you like dense and ritualistic BM, this is certainly one of the best releases of 2022 for that.

The album starts with the cavernous ritualistic intro “Ad Babalonis Amorem Do Dedico Omnia Nihilo”, creating a very unsettling atmosphere that quickly leads way to hellish vocal arrangements and piercing guitars. The band goes full-on with the crushing “In the Beginning” and its hellish tremolo picking alongside relentless waves of aggression. Just as you think you can settle for all-out war, the band changes directions with the eerie “Annihilation Mantra” and its haunting vocals.

Reminding us of a mixture of Watain and Weapon with splashes of Blut Aus Nord, tracks like “Waters of Unraveling”, “Bursting as Boils From the Backs of Slaves”, and “The Lamb Speaks” are the perfect mix of sinister atmospheres, crafty guitar work and throbbing bass guitar lines to create a very dense and imposing mood. However, far from linear, the release has some creepy atmospheric pieces like the dramatic “Agnus Dei” and its nightmare inducing solemn tempo and minimalistic acoustic guitars.

Our favorite track has to be the hypnotic “In the Heart of the World”, a nine-minute excruciating experience filled with mystery and mayhem, better left for the listener to fully explore. The album certainly closes on an atmospheric and yet intense mood with both “Dies Irae” and “Abomination Gate”. As a whole, “Bab Al On” is one hell of a creepy release that will haunt your dreams for months to come. If you like dense atmosphere, creepy vocals, and piercing guitars, it does not get better than this in 2022.

Band: Dødsengel Album: Bab Al On

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: December 16th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric/Occult Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 97/100

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