Karg - Resignation (2022)


Releasing an album nearly every two years, today we have Karg and their release “Resignation”. Masterminded by J.J. of Harakiri for the Sky fame and featuring PF of labelmate’s Ellende, this release delivers over 46 minutes of highly melancholic and very well arranged Post-Black Metal. The band’s sound reminds us of a mixture of Heretoir with Harakiri for the Sky with a dreamier edge, so any fan of those (or similar) bands will certainly love this release.

Opening with the 11-minute “Was bleibt”, the track starts very traditionally and it soon blends in dreamier and lush atmospheric elements, like the dramatic string and wind instruments near the 9-minute mark that perfectly pair with solemn clean vocals. This is exactly what makes “Resignation” a very interesting release as it manages to stray away from just the typical all post-Black Metal bands are doing these days. However, the album still has plenty of heaviness and catchiness as “EBBE//FLUT” shows the listener.

Things turn a bit darker and more hectic with the crushing “Grab der Wellen” and its very well timed tempo changes. The band's ability to deliver catchiness, aggression, and somehow also sound lively and engaging is their second biggest strength as bands in this genre tend to be overly repetitive. The track “Generation ohne Abschied” is our personal favorite due to its oozing melancholy and blending of additional guest vocals. The dreamy atmospherics and passages are very well blended as the song progresses, making it a truly intense experience.

As an additional 7” and also included on the first pressing of the CD, we have a cover of the Cranberries “Dreaming my dreams” titled “Einen Traum weiter dort fangen wi” which is actually quite interesting, and a great cover of Nothing’s “Fever Queen”, which is actually one of our favorite Karg songs. Overall, “Resignation” shows that the band’s musical evolution still has ways to go as it incorporates different elements into a heavier version of their previous sound. If you have liked any of their earlier releases, this one will certainly be of your liking.

Band: Karg Album: Resignation

Label: AOP Records

Release: November 25th, 2022

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 95/100

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