Lamentations - Passion of Depression (2022)


Delivering a hefty dose of high-octane Progressive Death Metal, today we have Lamentations and their sophomore release “Passion of Depression”. We particularly enjoy proggy/technical releases that actually have well structured and enjoyable songs and are not just a self-wanking fest of technical proficiency. Luckily for the listeners the band unleashes seven excellent songs filled with crafty tempo changes, moody arrangements and excellent musicality.

From the lush opener “Prodigal”, we get a very engaging Cynic-meets-Persefone vibe, perfectly balancing proggy interludes with some heavier and more complex sections. All band members this time around are basically the same guys behind Monotheist, and it shows that the music is quite cohesive and well integrated, with each instrument shining at different stages but never overpowering the general flow of tracks like “Anew” and “Shiver”. These tracks deliver excellent melodic passages, dreamy vocals and a pulsating bass guitar line.

The album moves into more melancholic territories with the masterful “Sombre” and its very improvisational nature, filled with elegant instrumental passages and tempo changes, going from dreamy clean vocals into heavier growls seamlessly. “Ire” and “Obeisance” are the heaviest tracks in this release thanks to its Death Metal riffing and crafty drumming and guitar leads, this song reminds us of the mellower tracks from bands like Fallujah and Persefone.

Closing with the 14-minute magical “Nurture”, the band really shines in putting together a long song that is very cohesive and nicely progresses between different moods, styles, and influences, brilliantly showcasing the versatility of Lamentations. Overall, “Passion of Depression” is one of those killer releases that you enjoy even more the more you listen to it. With each spin we discovered new details and crafty elements that are expertly layered in each track.

Band: Lamentations Album: Passion of Depression

Label: Willowtip Records

Release: November 11th, 2022

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Genre: Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 94/100

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