Kathaaria - To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ As Centres of Pestilence (2022)


Finally catching up with some of the September releases we flagged to review but didn’t get to, today we have Kathaaria’s sophomore release, after 14 years, title “To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ As Centres of Pestilence”. Playing a weird and decadent interpretation of Black Metal, this duo crafts six very interesting songs that have influences from the Scandinavian Avant-garde Black Metal scene.

Opening with the piercing “Agenda Nihil”, the band immediately makes their pitch of uncompromising madness with the intricate riffing and drummer of this sinister song. Things are just getting warmed up as “The Last Act of Rebellion” keeps the madness going with some playful tempo changes and very crafty arrangements, delivering a tricky and yet very enjoyable song that goes beyond your typical BM piece.

If by the time “Degenerate Encapsulate” rolls in you haven't figured out this release is just plain weird and yet brilliant, you might have been listening to the wrong album. We particularly love the minimalist and atmospheric opening of this song and how it quickly descends further into madness with piercing riffs and eerie vocal arrangements. Not only being odd, the band’s sound is also quite crafty and even proggy at some points, with tracks like “The Judas Principle” constantly keeping the listener wondering what the hell is going on.

Closing with the more atmospheric “Apathetic”, the band has taken us through a journey of madness with “To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ As Centres of Pestilence”. We particularly loved the sultry atmospheric/slower passages and how they blend with their crafty Black Metal core, reminding us a bit of Ephel Duath and their sophisticated crassness. If you are in the market for weird, melodic, and very well made, but with a heavy BM core, check out this very unique release.

Band: Kathaaria Album: To Be Shunned by All​.​.​.​ As Centres of Pestilence

Label: End All Life Productions

Release: February 5th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Experimental Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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