Terra - Für dich existiert das alles nicht (2022)


Unleashing a gargantuan slab of Black Metal with tons of atmospherics, today we have UK’s Terra and their sophomore release “Für dich existiert das alles nicht”. In the vein of Ash Borer, Fell Voices, and the like, this release punishes the listener with ravaging onslaughts of Black Metal aural abuse thanks to its unsettling atmosphere. With four tracks clocking in at over 60 minutes, this release is as brutal as it is brilliant.

Opening with “The Beginning”, the band slowly envelops the listener with raw distortion, massive drums and piercing vocals. The band’s style is definitely an acquired taste as it relies heavily on its punishing atmosphere but once it settles, it is demoralizing and extremely powerful. The riffs on tracks like “Verisimilitude” are as heavy as they can get and nicely weave back and forth from the drone-ish/ambient-like atmospherics. This particular style is quite effective and immediately transports the listener to a dark and foggy world where sound transcends consciousness.

Over half an hour into the release, there is no rest for the wicked as “Gelbwerdend” continues the punishment with crafty percussions that blend into the massive wall of distortion created by the guitars. This track reminds us a bit of some of the hypnotic sounds that bands like Wolves in the Throne Room produce, where the music is not straightforward but has a devastating sound when merged together. As “The End My End” closes the release, you will not find any cookie-cutter BM onslaughts but rather a devilish onslaught to your senses that is hard to describe but excellent to experience.

As a whole, “Für dich existiert das alles nicht” is a release of many dimensions and yet a very dense and direct experience. There are plenty of crafty riffs, drum patterns, alongside hellish vocals, and they are all nicely glued together underneath the massive sound the band unleashes. For a trio, this outfit surely makes a lot of ‘noise’ and their style is as crushing as you can imagine, so if you like punishing releases filled with a piercing atmosphere, look no further and get a copy of this release.

Band: Terra Album: Für dich existiert das alles nicht

Label: Code666 Records

Release: February 5th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 93/100

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