Ravenoir - In the Womb of Sin (2022)


Unleashing a nice old-school Death Metal vibe, Ravenoir delivers over 40 minutes of catchy and engaging music with “In the Womb of Sin”. With a sound more akin to Grave, Dismember, and Entombed than current DM outfits, the band perfectly balances atmospheric elements with melody and crunchy guitars. Featuring a couple of members of the defunct Root and other Czech outfits, this release is full of nostalgia and craft songs for any fan of the genre.

After setting a mysterious and yet imposing mood with the opener “The Ecstasy of Desecration”, the band’s excellent riffing sets the album’s more sinister tone with the brilliant album title track. Changing gears into more traditional and punishing territories, “The Cold of Casemates” and “The Scene Obscene” have that vicious edge that makes this band standout from the rest, particularly when combined with the subtle atmospherics and the intense guitar leads.

The release continues delivering catchy songs like “Stigma Infernoir”, “Mother Storm”, and one of our favorites, the haunting “Excommunication”, which has a certain Behemoth-esque vibe to it. The band makes their atmospheric undertones change the mood of songs, allowing their sound to be more dynamic and diverse. For those Mercyful Fate fans, there is also a cover of “Black Funeral” in this release.

Overall, “In the Womb of Sin” is a solid release from a new-ish band that is refining their sound and introducing interesting elements to old-school sounds. Ravenoir has some pretty solid musicians behind the scenes, showcased in the quality songwriting and craftiness in this release. If you are looking for a somewhat retro Death Metal sound with some additional atmospherics and melody, this is one release to add to your collection.

Band: Ravenoir Album: In the Womb of Sin

Label: Gothmoon Productions

Release: July 21st, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 88/100

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