Wyrms - Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux (2022)


Unleashing one blistering barrage of punishing Melodic Black Metal riffs, today we have Wyrms and their fourth full-length release “Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux”. Other than having one of the longest album titles in 2022, this album perfectly blends unparalleled intensity with sinister BM foundations, creating a very Windir/Vreid meest Atmospheric/Suicidal BM atmosphere.

Immediately setting a hellish pace, “La messe de l épée” slowly transitions from dreamy atmospherics into all-out Black Metal onslaughts filled with intense guitar work and ravaging drumming. This level of intensity is perfectly on display on pieces like “Fort blanc et bêtes noires” and “Entre gueux et rats”, where the melodic aspect of the band's sound nicely creates a very effective and direct mixture that will have listeners furiously headbanging.

Shaking things up a bit, the folky opener of “Trouble mort”, nicely leads to crushing tremolo-picking sections,nicely flanked by Tedd’s melancholic snarls. We particularly enjoy the more atmospheric nature of “L'envoyé des flammes” and its masterful tempo changes, leading to some old-school BM elements thrown into the mix. Saving the most punishing and savage track for last, “Dans l'hiver et dans la nuit” is by far our favorite piece of this release.

Overall, “Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux” is a superbly intense release that is very well written and executed in a very masterful way. Every single instrument is piercing and has perfect timing to shine amongst the endless waves of melancholy and aggression. Wyrms is one of those unassuming bands that deliver incisive music in every track and have a signature style of their own, making them quite rare and a treat to listen to.

Band: Wyrms Album: Sarkhral Lumænor - La lueur contre les fléaux

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: September 15th, 2022

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Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Country: France/Canada

Rating: 93/100

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