Mortuus - Diablerie (2022)


Hailing from Sweden, today we have the mysterious duo Mortuss and their sickening Black Metal. Filled with eerie atmospherics, tense melodic passages, and a hefty dose of murkiness, “Diablerie” unleashes 44 minutes of crafty music in four ravaging tracks. Not all BM is the same, and this outfit takes creating dark and dissonant atmospheres to a whole new level with dense and macabre compositions.

Opening with some recorded spoken sections behind a wall of crushing guitar riffs, “Threefold Harrowing of Hell”, immediately sets a very suffocating atmosphere. The subtle use of keyboards alongside J. Kvarnbrink’ deep snarls create a very eerie vibe. With the album title track, the band continues their onslaughts with piercing drumming and firm and aggressive vocals.

All hope is lost by the time we arrive at the moody “In Graves Remote, Even The Worthless Have A Meaning” and its crafty tempo changes. This track also has some good moments to dust off our headbanging skills and keep going at it for its nearly 12 minute long duration. Saving the densest and most ravaging piece for last, “Furnace Of Sleep” has a certain hypnotic pace that is difficult to shake off, and will be haunting your dreams for a while.

Overall, “Diablerie” is a very cohesive and dense release that while not completely straightforward, slowly unravels its ferocity to the listener with each passing listen. For those that are not looking for conventional Black Metal, this album has plenty of creepy and engaging elements that set it apart from the rest, so be sure to give it a couple of spins before it really sets in.

Band: Mortuus Album: Diablerie

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: June 14th, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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