Wampyric Rites - The Wolves Howl to the Moon (2022)


Presenting a very uniquely Atmospheric Raw Black Metal, Ecuador’s Wampyric Rites returns with their ravaging sophomore full-length release “The Wolves Howl to the Moon”. With over 35 minutes of piercing and creepy music, this South American duo creates a very unique and disturbing atmosphere that is quite direct, and yet manages to surprise you with extra elements.

Setting a dark and somber mood with the opening synths, “The Ancient Tyrant Returns from the Deep Grave” quickly escalates into an all-out crushing mixture of punishing riffs and hellish screams. Not only is the band’s style fast and vicious, there is an underlying melody that can be heard in most songs, particularly the crafty “Rites Under the Fullmoon” and its headbanging inducing melodic passages.

Far from linear, songs like “Amidst the Fog of Eternity” keep the atmosphere going, while “The Wolves Howl to the Moon” unleashes different elements paired with the band’s raw and devastating core to create an engaging and entertaining track. However, it is the rawness and melody paired with blistering execution of pieces like “Captive in a Desolate Castle” that creates the band’s signature and magical style.

Overall, “The Wolves Howl to the Moon” is a playful release that showcases Wampyric Rites crafty take on the genre while never sacrificing intensity and rawness. We particularly enjoy that all pieces are both piercing and atmospherically interesting, keeping things fresh and far away from being highly repetitive, a thing that bands in this kind of space have problems achieving. If you want a solid dose of eerie atmospherics and headbanging Black Metal, this is the release for you.

Band: Wampyric Rites Album: The Wolves Howl to the Moon

Label: Signal Rex

Release: August 26th, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Ecuador

Rating: 92/100

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