Ad Finem Omnia - No Pace - No Dawn (2022)


Unleashing one of the most punishing Black Metal releases of 2022, today we have Chile’s Ad Finem Omnia and their debut full-length release “No Peace - No Dawn”. Featuring founding members from Sol Sistere Pablo Vera and Ricardo Araya, this release focuses on direct, raw, and pummeling Black Metal, reminding us of outfits like Horna, Délétère, and similar outfits. Highly recommended release for genre purists that are looking for waves of crushing riffs and relentless intensity.

Opening with “Vultures”, the band wastes no time in punishing the listener with piercing guitars, savage screams, and crafty drumming. The band’s intensity is on par with any European counterpart, but the subtle melodic elements that tracks like “The Abyss”, “Solve: Route To Extinction”, and “Coagula: Promethean Fire” feature, perfectly create intense moments of furious headbanging alongside a very immersive and well-rounded sound.

Short and blistering pieces like “Doomed To Death” and “Pitch Black”, perfectly showcase the band’s wide variety of tempo changes and sinister songwriting skills that keeps the album fresh and flowing freely without getting repetitive or dull. Our personal favorite songs have to be the pummeling “In Defiance”, and the more tempered and yet equally dramatic “Of Agony and Emptiness”. These last two songs are some of the longest tracks in this release, showing maturity and excellent execution.

As a whole, “No Pace - No Dawn” is a killer release from a very promising band. Ad Finem Omnia musical core is tight and pummeling, allowing the band to leap forward tons of other BM acts that are trying to find their footing in the genre. If you like relentless, melodic, and yet piercing waves of intense BM, this is the album for you.

Band: Ad Finem Omnia Album: No Pace - No Dawn

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: March 21st, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 96/100

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