Armnatt - Immortal Nature (2022)


Unleashing raw darkness, today we have Portugal’s Armnatt and their latest full-length release “Immortal Nature”. Not for the faint of heart and refined in taste, this release delivers nearly 40 minutes of crushing rawness with a rudimentary sound and a savage execution. This album is a perfect homage to the old-school brutal Black Metal sound of the early days.

The release sets a cavernous vibe with the atmospheric opener “All is Silent”, only to quickly deliver the first punch with the rudimentary and crusty riffs of the album’s title track. The band’s sound is not fancy, or very crisp, however, it is quite raw and direct, like a head-on hit from a bag of bricks, like “Imponent Ruins” quickly demonstrates.

The band does have different gears as the piercing “Eternal Entity” and “Wilderness Domain” have a slower and more sinister pace, while “Black Flame” is just pure Armageddon. Driven by the shrieks of pain of Velnius, and the crafty drumming of Tenebrous, the band’s three-piece configuration works wonders, with Murmuhr rounding up the mix with some imposing and raw-sounding guitars.

Overall, “Immortal Nature” is a solid Black Metal release that keeps the old flame alive when it comes to rawness and the band’s down to basics approach. Fans of this side of the genre will appreciate the diversity of songs presented with their fundamental darkness and dissonance. If you are looking for something brutal, direct, and punishing, check out Armnatt and their release catalog.

Band: Armnatt Album: Immortal Nature

Label: Signal Rex

Release: Spetmber 1st, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 88/100

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