Sigh - Shiki (2022)


As one of those bands that is always innovating and creating something weirdly unique, Sigh returns with more of their Avant-garde/Black Metal with “Shiki”. Featuring over 45 minutes of hypnotic, chaotic, and completely weird music, this album is enjoyable for more than a few spins as the listener will constantly discover new details with each listen. Highly recommended for fans of the band, or music connoisseurs that like odd, chaotic, and yet highly engaging Metal music.

The album kicks off with a short atmospheric intro and the pummeling Doomy riffs of “Kuroi Kage”, a track that is heavy and punishing as it transitions to even weirder territories. The band’s vocals are quite fitting for such a diverse and engaging musical foundation, particularly for the heavier and more experimental tracks like the previously mentioned one and the playful “Shoujahitsumetsu”. One thing to note is the band’s old-school Heavy Metal musical core that clearly shines on tracks like “Shikabane”, and its funky atmospherics and percussions.

Our personal favorite track has to be the crazy “Satsui - Geshi no Ato”, and its mixture of melodic passages with deranged vocal arrangements alongside its funky electronic/synth elements. The sultry “Fuyu Ga Kuru” is a close second with its very dramatic and eerie clean vocals, ritualistic percussions, and pummeling onslaughts. Mirai Kawashima and Dr. Mikannibal have been crafting pretty interesting music over the years, with this release taking their sound even further with a more expansive set of atmospheric elements and funky tempo changes, as we can hear in “Shouku” and the hypnotic “Mayonaka No Kaii”.

Without spoiling too much of the magic and craziness of “Shiki”, we have to say that this is one of the band’s most diverse, atmospheric, and engaging releases to date. We particularly love that Sigh is not afraid of experimenting with their core Metal sound by adding Oriental elements and funky sounds, creating some kick-ass tunes along the way. The listener is warned that this release is bizarre, intense, and 100% fun.

Band: Sigh Album: Shiki

Label: Peaceville Records

Release: August 26th, 2022

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Genre: Avant-garde/Black Metal

Country: Japan

Rating: 93/100

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