Ardours - Anatomy of a Moment (2022)


Led by the talented Mariangela Demurtas of Tristania fame, and multi-instrumentalist/producer Kris Laurent, Ardours is one of those rare unique bands that manages to perfectly blend all kinds of cool elements from Gothic Rock to Metal to 80’s new wave. With “Anatomy of a Moment” they hone in on the strengths of their debut album and unleash nearly 45 minutes of superbly catchy music filled with soaring vocal melodies, lush atmospheric arrangements and a hefty dose of funky beats.

Opening with the magical futuristic atmospherics of “Epitaph For A Spark”, one could immediately think the band turned into another Amaranthe, but as soon as the soothing guitars and Mariangela’s vocals come on, the whole vibe changes into a completely different beast. The band’s ability to create different moods, some darker or more playful than others, is their biggest strength as they deliver songs like “Insomniac”, “Identified”, and “Secret Worlds”, which range in styles but still feature a cohesive core of solid guitar work, crafty drumming and soaring vocal leads.

Having a little Theater of Tragedy “Musique” vibe, songs like “Cold Revenge”, “Give”, and the lush album title track, will certainly push some more Metal-inclined listeners out of their comfort zone, but this journey is well worth it as the songs have incredible quality and excellent catchiness. Our favorite piece in this release has to be the suspenseful “Unannounced” and its dreamy atmospherics that reach into shoegaze territories.

Featuring no weak songs, the release closes with the melancholic “Chasing Whispers”, and we immediately found ourselves firing up our web browser and ordering a physical copy of this brilliant release. With so many different layers in terms of instruments, arrangements, and moods, Ardours have managed to surpass their debut release with “Anatomy of a Moment” and leave the listener wanting more from them in the future.

Bands: Ardours Album: Anatomy of a Moment

Label: Frontiers Music

Release: July 8th, 2022

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Genre: Alternative Metal / Gothic Rock

Country: International`

Rating: 96/100

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