Stjärnfält - Lapporten (2022)


Unleashing a highly engaging and extremely well crafted mixture of futuristic atmospherics and harsh Black/Post-Black Metal onslaughts, Stjärnfält returns with its second release “Lapporten”. As a one man-project now based in Sweden, M delivers four masterful tracks that have some elements of Germ, Galaktik Cancer Squad and Angst Skvadron.

The release opens with the sidereal journey of “Kebnekaise”, a 14-minute piece that slowly eases the listener into the band’s magical world. Masterful atmospheric synths are nicely paired with melodic riffs that quickly incite headbanging while the harsh vocals are introduced and tempo changes brilliantly shift the pace of things. After that magical opener, “Bruskleden” keeps the listener impressed with its lush atmospherics and very dynamic pace, creating a truly engaging and exciting listening experience.

As another vignette of the band’s talent, “Polarsken” has a more explosive pace that reminds us a bit of bands like Lustre or Frozen Ocean with those crazy ‘out of space’ electronic elements and dreamy atmospherics. Lastly, “Séracs” closes things a bit heavier with a pummeling opening, however, it never loses that magical atmosphere that the band is expert at creating. This last track leaves us wanting more, but we can only hit the restart button for now.

Overall, “Lapporten” is a very dynamic and magical release that will get Stjärnfält on the radar of fans of Post-Black Metal, and Atmospheric Black Metal. The band has plenty of external influences, but managed to create a very unique and engaging sound that awe and surprise fans of the genre. While not made for the conventional ‘inside the box’ Metal listener, this album is quite catchy and engaging, while still showcases power and style.

Bands: Stjärnfält Album: Lapporten

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: May 20th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric Black/Post-Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 96/100

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