Furis Ignis - Turn (2022)


Out of the bowels of hell, today we have one-man battalion Furis Ignis and his latest EP “Turn”. Featuring nearly 31 minutes of music, this EP is nearly as long and equally impressive as the band’s debut release “Decapitate the Aging World”, out earlier this year. With a punishing no-bullshit raw Black Metal sound merged in with cavernous atmospheres, this release further cements the band’s minimalist yet effective approach to the genre.

Starting with the gritty “Vanguard of Black Years” and its incisive riffs and hellish vocals. This kind of old-school BM is hard to come by these days as bands try too hard and it comes out fake. The same sweeping vibe bleeds into our favorite “To Trespass the Commandments of Tangible Being”, a track that has an old school Ancient meets Immortal meets Darkthrone vibe.

After the sinister atmospheric piece “From Unremembered Dark Pagan Dreams”, the band unleashes the album title track that features tons of tempo changes alongside aggressive snarls and sickening melodic passages. Closing with the eerie synths of “Die Enthauptung Der Alternden Welt”, we get a nice flashback from the past from bands like Limbonic Art and Tartaros.

Overall, “Turn” is one of those EP’s that packs a big bang for your buck. If you are looking for some old-school Black Metal filled with attitude and rawness, Furis Ignis is a band to keep an ear out for. We quite enjoyed all songs in this release as they have cohesion and great flow, while being filthy and pummeling at the same time.

Bands: Furis Ignis Album: Turn

Label: Iron Bonehead

Release: July 1st, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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