HiddenT - Where Light Ceases to Exist (2022)


Latin America is full of quality Black Metal bands and over the last few years Sun & Moon Records have uncovered hidden gems like Selbst, and now HiddenT. Hailing from Chile, this outfit perfectly adds unrivaled melodies and harmonies to an aggressive core, making them sound like early Borknagar and “Cainan Chronicle”-era Ancient.

The release starts with the mystical atmospheric “Last Winter Ritual” and it quickly escalates with the punishing album title track. There is a certain magical balance between the fierce riffing onslaughts and the eerie clean vocals that grace melodic passages. This nicely bleeds into songs that have some Post-Black Metal vibes like “Delirium Tremens” and our favorite, the headbanging anthem “Under a Shadow Reflection”.

Perfectly crafting sinister pieces like “Manifest Liminal Return”, the band shows its true colors by always keeping well balanced between its dual forces. The variety of vocal styles also gives the band’s sound extra depth and keeps things from getting too linear or predictable as “Behind the Ashes” fiercely demonstrates.

Saving the longest for last, “Immersed into the Consciousness” nicely closes the release by putting all of the band’s intricate elements in one last crushing blow. With nearly 50 minutes of music, “Where Light Ceases to Exist” is a release that will break HiddenT into the scene. Do not miss out and add this killer release to your collection of hidden gems.

Bands: HiddenT Album: Where Light Ceases to Exist

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: April 19th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 97/100

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