Darkher - The Buried Storm (2022)


Unleashing one of the most haunting releases of 2022, today we have Darkher and her truly eerie brand of Doom Metal. In “The Buried Storm”, Jayn Maiven continues to create highly atmospheric pieces perfectly blending just the right amount of distortion and tempo to create a very suffocating and yet liberating experience.

The album slowly builds its momentum with the sparse “Sirens Nocturne” and its tense atmospherics combined with lush vocal arrangements. Next up, “Lowly Weep” increases the tension with eerie cellos and the gradual introduction of distorted guitars alongside cathartic vocal arrangements. For those into folkier flavored Atmospherics, “Unbound” is a track to enjoy.

Reaching its middle point, “Where the Devil Waits” creates a very gloomy and dramatic vibe which nicely transitions into more sinister guitar work and an increased tempo in “Love’s Sudden Death”. By the time we arrive at “The Seas” the listener is fully surrendered to the atmospheric brilliance of this release, which is only augmented by the lush string instruments and dream-like mood of this song.

Saving one of the most complete and cinematic tracks for last, “Immortals” has to be our favorite piece in this release, which sadly ends with the enigmatic “Fear Not, My King”. Focusing more on atmosphere and lush instrumentation, Darkher has managed to improve on her previous releases. There is just something magical about the simplicity, and eerie atmospherics that “The Buried Storm” delivers, creating a profound sense of disturbance to the listener, and yet you will find yourself wanting to hear it all over again.

Band: Darkher Album: The Buried Storm

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: April 15th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric/Doom Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 97/100

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