Solipsism - Our Night Never Ends (2022)


Always uncovering some very interesting underground bands, Sun & Moon Records present us today with Solipsism and their debut full-length release “Our Night Never Ends”. Unleashing nine tracks and around 46 minutes of fierce Black/Post-Black Metal, this Slovakian outfit makes a very good first impression with a well balanced mixture of harshness and melody.

The release opens with the dissonant “Becoming the Void” and a very crafty melodic riffing onslaught that quickly escalates into full-on Black Metal mode. While this is heavy, there is also a certain duality as the band dabbles in more melancholic Depressive BM/Atmospheric BM territories with its bleak screams and subtle keyboards as tracks like “(V)Zostup tragédie”, “Solus Ipse”, and “Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost” move the release forward.

Far from linear, the band’s sound weaves back and forth between eerie vibes and aggressive onslaughts, “V.” being a perfect example of this. Our personal favorite tracks have to be the superbly bleak combo of “Your Entirety” and “Svetlo (ne)existuje” and its melodic and yet ravaging guitars, creating a very moody and engaging atmosphere. A very weird and yet enjoyable part of this release is the funky “Mikymauz”, which is a cover of a track by Jaromír Nohavica.

Saving one of the darkest tracks for last, “Thinking of Ending Things” perfectly summarizes a very contrasting and yet enjoyable release. Solipsism has definitely a very unique identity that older bands struggle to find over the years. Featuring a bit of ‘everything’ “Our Night Never Ends” is one hell of a debut release from a very promising band, so if you are looking for something different in the Post-Black Metal space, check this album out.

Band: Solipsism Album: Our Night Never Ends

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: April 21st, 2022

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Slovakia

Rating: 93/100

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