Crystal Viper - The Last Axeman (2022)


We have been on a long streak of mainly having Black Metal releases in our review queue, but today we end it and write our impressions of Heavy/Power Metal outfit Crystal Viper and their latest EP “The Last Axeman”. Delivering a mix of re-recorded, covers, and recorded live in a studio pieces, the band showcases their old-school Metal chops with great guitar work, killer vocals, and an overall kick-ass attitude.

Opening with a re-recording of “The Last Axeman”, the band sets a very engaging and dynamic mood with fast-paced guitars alongside Marta Gabriel’s gifted vocals and a very retro sounding vibe. As the release progresses, “In the Haunted Chapel”, and the covers of “Ulitsa Roz”, and “It's Electric“ bring that killer anthemic Heavy/Power Metal vibe that outfits like Hammerfal and Manowar live for.

Perfectly pairing soaring vocal performances with solid instrumentation and ripping solos, “The Cult” and “Asenath Waite” are our two favorite tracks in this release. Closing with “Whispers from Beyond” and “Flaring Madness”, the band leaves on a high note, showcasing their dynamic style and crafty execution. If you are looking for engaging traditional Heavy/Power Metal with killer female vocals and engaging songwriting, “The Last Axeman” is the release for you.

Band: Crystal Viper Album: The Last Axeman

Label: Listenable Records

Release: March 25th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Power/Heavy Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 91/100

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