Hell Militia - Hollow Void (2022)


There is certain magic when a band’s last release was nearly a decade ago, and yet they return with the same vicious and piercing sound, just as no time has passed. This is the best way to explain how Hell Militia’s latest opus “Hollow Void” sound. Filled with hate and punishment, this release unravels nearly 45 minutes of decadent Black Metal that has not changed with time.

Opening with the violent “Lifeless Light”, the listener is quickly transported into hellish soundscapes filled with blistering drums, saw-like guitars, and the demonic snarls of vocalist RSDX. The band’s sound is both decadent and incisive, with tracks like “Genesis Undone” and “Dust of Time”, delivering demoralizing mid-temp blows, while others like “Within the Maze” are quite violent and pummeling.

Carving some bleakness into their sound, pieces like the album title track alongside “The Highest Fall” perfectly introduce melancholic elements to an already very cohesive and diverse sound. Our favorite piece has to be the soul-crushing “Veneration” and its moody tempo changes. As a whole, “Hollow Void” shows a band coming back in full strength , without missing a beat over the years. If you like piercing and hellish Black Metal, like only the French scene can produce, look no further.

Band: Hell Militia Album: Hollow Void

Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists

Release: March 18th, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 94/100

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