Kaamos Warriors - Spirit from the Void (2022)


Always keeping us posted of new and up-and-coming bands from the flourishing Finnish Metal scene, today we have Kaamos Warriors and their fourth full-length release “Spirit from the Void”. As a band from Mikko Ojala of Dark the Suns fame, this outfit creates a very interesting sounding mixture of Symphonic/Gothic Metal elements with a Dark/Black Metal core.

The atmospheric side of the band is laid out quite thick since the opener “In Blood And Spirit”. However, this atmosphere is not your standard one as it has some slight Industrial and even Gothic Metal undertones, creating a very unique vibe when complemented with the growls and Doomy tempo. Things continue to get more dynamic and engaging as tracks like “Vapus”, “The Flames of the Dragon” and “Varjojen Vaeltaja” are introduced.

With a very dynamic sound, the band perfectly blends elements from Gothic, Symphonic, Death, Doom and even some Black Metal, that is why songs like “Thyjyyden Kulkija”, “Into Thy Light”, “Chamber of the Stars” perfectly cover a wide gamut of styles while still creating a very cohesive and unique sound. There are certainly some familiar Dark the Suns influences and elements, but this outfit crafts its own unique path.

Closing with the melancholic “Surun Mustat Siivet”, we are left with quite a good impression of Kaamos Warriors. In a similar multi-faceted way of bands like Eternal Tears of Sorrow, this outfit manages to very nicely merge tons of unique and creative ideas around some hefty atmospheric brilliance. If you want unique and non-linear music, feel free to give out “Spirit from the Void” a try.

Band: Kaamos Warriors Album: Spirit from the Void

Label: Inverse Records

Release: April 8th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Dark Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 91/100

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