Saklas - The One Who Swallowed God (2022)


Crafting nearly 40 minutes of truly unique and intense Black Metal, today we have Saklas and their latest EP “The One Who Swallowed God”. Split into four tracks, this release is far from linear, introducing some quite unique and unconventional elements to a very punishing and ravaging musical core.

The release delivers its first swift blow with the pummeling “Mastering The Chaos Meditation”, a track that has some undertones of bands like Behemoth and Hate, but with an interesting tempo change near the end. The weirdness begins with the instrumental “Empty Realm”, which sets the mood for the avantgarde-ness of the album title track. This track features a jazzy unconventional pace and destructive vocal onslaughts, it also has a funky treat after a brief pause.

What impressed us the most from this album has to be the piercing cover of “La Poderosa Muerte” from the Latin American psychedelic/experimental rock outfit Los Jaivas. For the uninitiated, this epic 10-minute piece based on Pablo Neruda’s poem of the same title, is one killer piece of psychedelic fuzzy rock with a killer video filmed in Machu Picchu. The instrumentation and vocal harmonies from the original song are brilliant, and they perfectly translate in this intense cover.

Filled with interesting ideas and tons of uniqueness, “The One Who Swallowed God” showcases a very promising band that while brutal and incisive, brings something fresh and new to the genre. If you are looking for different and engaging Black Metal and are not afraid to get weird, this EP is just right up your alley.

Band: Saklas Album: The One Who Swallowed God

Label: Personal Records

Release: April 1st, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 93/100

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