Cailleach Calling - Dreams of Fragmentation (2022)


Delivering a highly atmospheric brand of Post-Black Metal, today we have Cailleach Calling and their debut full-length release “Dreams of Fragmentation”. Featuring Tony Thomas (Botanist/Dawn of Ouroboros) handling all guitars/bass/and synths, alongside Chelsea Murphy (Dawn of Ouroboros) in vocals and Yurii Kononov (ex-White Ward) on drums, the band unleashes nearly 40 minutes of relentless music with a certain cosmic/urban vibe unlike no other.

Immediately laying down some thick atmospherics, “Phosphenic Array” kicks off the release with brutal harsh screams and superbly crafted blistering drumming. While the intensity varies, the atmosphere is made even richer with powerful synths. Reminding us a bit of Frozen Ocean and Lustre, this epicness continues into the sultry “Bound by Neon” a piece with a more desolate futuristic urban vibe, which features some intense tempo changes and elegant melancholic interludes.

Things slow down with the droney/dreamy “Cascading Wases”, a piece that has a magical jazzy passage, highlighting Chelsea’s clean vocals. However, do not fear as this track quickly escalates into the band’s usual heavier and faster paced onslaughts. Closing with “Mercurial Inversion”, Caillech Calling comes full circle with seven more minutes of punishing intensity and heavy atmospherics.

As a whole, “Dreams of Fragmentation” is one magical release filled with lush atmospherics and a hefty dose of aggression. We are quite drawn to these kinds of releases that feature a perfect duality between melancholy and harshness. Not quite like anything else out there, Cailleach Calling manage to create a very cohesive and engaging style that feels 100% unique and their own.

Band: Cailleach Calling Album: Dreams of Fragmentation

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: March 11th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric Post-Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 96/100

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