Order of Nosferat - Nachtmusik (2022)


Unleashing 46 minutes of highly melancholic and yet quite piercing Black Metal, today we have Order of Nosferat and their new full-length release “Nachtmusik”. Perfectly balancing mood-setting atmospheric instrumental pieces alongside savage BM onslaughts, this release is both intense and engaging from multiple different angles.

The album sets off with the raw power of “Tunes of Nocturnal Tragedies”, a six-minute piece filled with melodic elements thrown into a very compact and powerful mixture. Atmospheric pieces are woven into the album’s fabric, between each ‘heavy’ song, making the transitions quite smooth and cinematic. We particularly enjoy the fury and melancholy of pieces like “As the eternal Night fell upon us” and the catchiness of “Bloodlust Nightmares Raging Wild”.

There is a certain dark/romantic vibe in tracks like “My Final Breath”, giving it a different edge and tempo. We particularly love how the harsh screams contrast with lush atmospheric arrangements and mournful melodic guitars. Formed by Revenant of Sarkrista fame and Heikki Luonua on drums, this band’s sound is quite retro and yet engagingly cinematic. If you like moody music with a vampiric touch, this is your release.

Band: Order of Nosferat Album: Nachtmusik

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: March 21s, 2022

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 91/100

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