Lord Agheros - Koinè (2022)


Perfectly tailored to fans of music that pushes boundaries and that incorporates many disparate elements, today we have Lord Agheros and their latest opus “Koinè”. Mixing Ambient, Atmospheric and Avantgarde elements with a Black Metal core, this one man outfit continues to deliver unique and engaging releases that are varied and evocative from start to finish.

Opening with “The Prophecy”, we are treated to an Elend-esque momentum builder filled with dreamy atmospherics and crafty guitars. The musical exploration continues with the Industrial-elements of “The Walls of Nowhere”, paired with lush vocal arrangements and the doomier onslaughts of “Hold the Line”. As you can read, as the album hits the middle track, “Sow”, there are plenty of engaging elements from different genres, nicely arranged to create an immersive experience.

We are particular fans of the more dreamy and atmospheric pieces like “Same Blood” and “Sleep Among the Stars” and their hypnotic progressions. This last track has a very epic climax that reminds us a bit of Therion and their slower songs. The doomier side of the release comes under “...Of May” and it's very dramatic over the top synths and vocal arrangements, just before closing with the introspective “Litany of the Hermit”.

Creating solemn and hypnotic atmospheres, “Koinè” is a very unique release that while featuring good doses of heaviness, relies more on its atmospheric powers to be successful. Featuring a solid balance between influences, Lord Agheros manages to keep the listener engaged and satisfied with its craftiness and by sounding completely different than anything out there these days.

Band: Lord Agheros Album: Koinè

Label: My Kingdom Music

Release: February 18th, 2022

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Genre: Avantgarde/Experimental Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 92/100

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