Abysmal Dawn - Nightmare Frontier (2022)


Continuing the ravaging onslaughts delivered by “Phylogenesis” in 2020, today we have Abysmal Dawn back with their five song EP titled “Nightmare Frontier”. Featuring one new track, one re-recorded demo track, and a couple of covers, this release showcases the band’s craftiness and killer execution in 20 minutes of engaging Death Metal music.

The release quickly gets down to business with the blistering drumming and incisive guitars of “A Nightmare Slain”. Helmed by Charles Elliott, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, this track is fierce, delivering some killer guitar leads alongside crushing headbanging moments. The intensity continues with the pummeling “Blacken the Sky”, with a more direct and old-school chugging nature.

The cover of In Flames “Behind Space” is actually a pretty solid rendition with the epicness of the original with the addition of a crisp and modern production. On “Bewitched”, the band invokes their inner doom and delivers a pretty engaging rendition of this Candlemass piece. Overall, this short but sweet EP keeps Abysmal Dawn in the radar of Death Metal fans and provides a nice momentum builder for any upcoming full length release in the future.

Band: Abysmal Dawn Album: Nightmare Frontier

Label: Season of Mist

Release: February 4th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 96/100

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