Darkness Everywhere - The Seventh Circle (2022)


Bringing back that seminal 90’s Swedish Melodic Death Metal sound that most of its originators have lost over the years, today we have Darkness Everywhere and their release “The Seventh Circle”. If you heard the songs without any album information, you will swear you are listening to some obscure track from early In Flames. Seven tracks are enough to put this excellent outfit on our radar for the future.

After a short intro, “Darkness Everywhere” opens this release with energetic riffs filled with melody and nostalgia. We are huge fans of this kind of sound and the band perfectly captures the early At the Gates/Dark Tranquillity vibe in songs like “The Grand Impact”, “Lost Dimensions” and “Reign of Chaos”. These songs will have you headbanging from start to finish with the crafty tempo changes, as on the stand out “Reign of Chaos”.

There are some more modern influences masterfully thrown into the mix, as “Reign of Chaos” and the album title track close this release. For both purists and more modern fans of Melodic Death Metal, “The Seventh Circle” is one intense release packing a lot of punch. All tracks are expertly constructed to deliver maximum power and melody, bringing back tons of memories of the earlier days of the genre.

Band: Darkness Everywhere Album: The Seventh Circle

Label: Creator-Destructor Records

Release: February 25th, 2022

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 92/100

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