Silhouette - Les Retranchements (2022)


Pumping freshness into the Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal genre, today we have newcomers Silhouette and their disarming debut release “Les Retranchements”. With a well defined core of BM onslaughts and harsh vocals, the band adds a layer of angelic female vocals to create a very powerful and effective mix. Think of the short-lived Asphodèle but with a more depressive/atmospheric edge.

Opening with “Ascension”, a very dreamy mood is set thanks to subtle guitars and Lilas Dupont’s siren-like vocals. The band’s elements mesh quite well, as tracks like “La Première Neige” deliver the ferocity some expect with relentless aggressive onslaughts, perfectly flanked by slower and dreamier passages, creating a very bleak soundscape. Keeping things simple and direct, pieces like “Au Seuil de l'Oubli” and “L'Etreinte de la Chute” are quite melancholic and magical.

Just like the journey starts, the release closes with an eerie outro filled with raw emotions and a magical aura. Overall, “Les Retranchements” is a sublime release filled with melancholy and aggression. While it might be less ‘harsh’ than other Atmospheric/Depressive BM albums, it makes it up to the listener with bleakness and crafty tempo changes. If you are a fan of the genre and like female vocals, this release is something different to enjoy in 2022.

Band: Silhouette Album: Les Retranchements

Label: Antiq Records

Release: February 5th, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 95/100

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