Krvna - Sempinfernus (2021)


Unleashing waves of Vampiric Black Metal, today we have Australia’s Krvna and their debut full-length release “Sempinfernus”. With over 35 minutes of intense music, this release reminds us of early Dimmy Borgir, Old Man’s Child, and similar outfits, filled with atmosphere and harshness. For a one-man project, this release packs a mean punch and high replay value.

Opening with the sinister “From The Shades Of Hades…”, the atmosphere immediately feels tense and eerie thanks to blistering drumming, intricate guitar work and devilish vocals. Things turn a bit more melodic and less chaotic with the melodic onslaughts of “...To The Targovistean Night”, contrasted by its punishing aggressive sections. We are suckes for epic melodies and the track “The Triumph Of The Flesh Over The Spirit” is one fine piece of melodramatic guitar work.

Just before closing, “Timeless… Ageless” keeps up the intensity thanks to its savage screams paired with crafty tempo changes. Saving the longest and most complex piece for last, “The Eve Of Eternal Sunset” is the perfect closer for such an intense and melancholic release. We particularly love how Krvna delivers hellish and piercing onslaughts alongside expertly crafted melodies and atmospheric grandeur. If you like Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal, you can’t miss out on “Sempinfernus”.

Band: Krvna Album: Sempinfernus

Label: Seance Records

Release: November 26th, 2021

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Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 93/100

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