Déhà - Ave Maria II (2021)


By far one of the most productive musicians in the Metal scene, Déhà’s creativity is probably just bounded by time as he continues to unleash massive albums under his solo project, Wolvennest, Slow, and plenty of other bands. In “Ave Maria II”, he continues work he released over 10 years ago under his side project Yhdarl. Featuring one monumental track of 42 minutes, this release is both haunting and completely harrowing, mixing up dense atmospherics, punishing screams and all mighty riffs.

Separated into two movements, the first part, “Morituri Te Salutant” sets a very cavernous mood that suddenly turns with the introduction of Thergothon-level distorted riffs alongside dramatic vocal arrangements, similar to what Elend did in the past, but with a heavier dose of distortion. The angelic female vocals are masterfully flanked with incisive guitars and massive growls/screams, perfectly turning beauty into nightmare.

Closing with the second part, “Obliviscaris”, the release turns bleaker and yet very masterful and elegant, sending shivers down the listener’s spine. As a whole, this release is quite impressive and very immersive, you will find yourself down a very dark path and enjoying every single minute of it. Highly recommended for fans of dark theatrical and atmospheric Metal music.

Band: Déhà Album: Ave Maria II

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: November 5th, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Dark Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 92/100

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