Caestus - The Undoer's Key (2021)


Another release that we didn’t have time to review in 2021, “The Undoer’s Key” is one hell of a debut album from Finland’s Caestus and their blistering Black Metal onslaughts. In the same vein of traditional Finnish BM releases from Horna, Sargeist and similar outfits, this album delivers 36 minutes of relentless music with savage riffs and hellish screams.

Opening with the punishing “Reclamation”, the band really warms up with the incisive riffs of “Ultimate Weapon” and its fierce brutality. By the time the album title track drops alongside the dissonant “Burning Hope”, the listener is fully immersed in the band’s piercing sound. Featuring members of Blood Red Fog (bass guitar), ex-Algazanth (guitars and backing vocals), this band delivers swift blows intense music as tracks like “Condescenders”, “Muinaisen Kunnian Taike” and “Dawn of Reckoning” showcase.

Not dwelling in long tracks or pretentious arrangements, “The Undoer’s Key” strengths lie in the band’s devastating intensity and excellent musicianship. If you want no-bullisht Black Metal punishment, Caestus is a band to follow as their craft is very well polished and highly insidious.

Band: Caestus Album: The Undoer's Key

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: December 17th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Black Metal

Rating: 93/100

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