Ainulindalë - Les chroniques d'Arda (2021)


While not a 2022 release, we are reviewing a handful of albums we quite enjoyed at the end of 2021 but didn’t have enough time to review. One of those is the outstanding EP from France’s Ainulindalë, titled “Les chroniques d'Arda”. Featuring a combination of dreamy atmospherics, lush epic arrangements and a hefty dose of aggression, this EP nicely introduces a promising outfit.

Combining elements from bands like Enid, Battlelore, Turisas, “Les damnés de Numénor” sets a very regal and effective mood. We particularly like the crafty synths paired with solid screams and epic clean vocals. As “Dagor-nuin-Giliath” and “Le geste de Maeglin” up the tempo, the band nicely unleashes crafty drumming alongside melodic guitars to keep things fluid and the headbanging to the max.

Since the release is quite short, “Et même les milles cavernes se sont vidées....” closes things with dreamy female vocals and hypnotic synths, perfectly marking the end of a truly captivating and memorable aural experience. We can’t wait to see what Ainulindalë brings in the future, but for now, “Les chroniques d'Arda” is a wonderful opening page to their history.

Band: Ainulindalë Album: Les chroniques d'Arda

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: November 19th, 2021

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Genre: Epic Black/Pagan Metal

Country: France

Rating: 91/100

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