Top albums of 2021

Every year we spent quite a while doing our top albums of the year list combining data driven techniques: rating, number of times we played the album, alongside a quick listening session of all our candidates and their best songs. 2021 was a pretty solid year in music with many bands releasing albums written and recorded during the pandemic, allowing them to fully funnel their creativity and unleashing some of the best music in the last couple of decades. Here is our list of the top 25 releases of 2021:

Honorable Mention: Hate - Rugia (2021)

Punishing and yet extremely polished, Poland's Hate continues to refine their sound without compromising on their heaviness and atmosphere/p>

Honorable Mention: Negură Bunget - Zău (2021)

Powerful sendoff for this highly influential and forward thinking outfit, one hell of a goodbye release from Gabriel Mafa and company

Honorable Mention: Vetrar Draugurinn - The Night Sky (2021)

Elegantly layered with plenty of unique and engaging influences paired with the sultry voice of Marjan Welman, this release is quite enjoyable and offers high replay value

25. Thulcandra - A Dying Wish (2021)

Carrying Dissection's flame, Thulcandra perfectly delivers a familiar sound with a more modern vicious edge

24. Accept - Too Mean to Die (2021)

The revival of Accept has been a long lived one with crazy good releases and "Too Mean to Die" adding to that tally

23. Omination - NGR (2021)

Hailing from Tunisia, Omination unleashed one of the most crushing and intense aural experiences of 2021. Make sure you don't miss out on this release

22. White Void - Anti (2021)

Brain child of Lars Are Nedlan, this release perfectly combines warm and fuzzy pscyehdelic/proggy guitars alongside Lars soaring vocals

21. The Beast of Nod - Multiversal (2021)

Perfectly mixing technicality with goofiness, The Beast of Nod unleashed one of the best crafted releases that are both interesting and yet fun

20. Decline of the I - Johannes (2021)

Refining their nightmare-inducing sound over the years, Decline of the I is one of those memorable bands whose music will haunt your dreams

19. Timo Tolkki’s Avalon - The Enigma Birth (2021)

Extreme guitar wizardry and superb guest vocalists are two staples of Timo Tolkki's latest effort with Avalon

18. ISON - Aurora (2021)

Dreamy and melancholic, "Aurora" features Daniel Änghede bringing together a killer group of singers like Sylvaine and Gogo Melone (and others) to create a truly trascendental release

17. Felled - The Intimate Earth (2021)

With a very raw and yet emotional sound, this North American outfit delivers one hell of a powerful release that should not go unnoticed

16. Wormwood - Arkivet (2021)

Incisive and catchy Black Metal filled with memorable moments, definitely one of the most refined releases in the genre in 2021

15. Burial in the Sky - The Consumed Self (2021)

Progressive/Tech Death Metal keeps getting better and better and Burials in the Sky are one of those bands that kick ass and take names with their technical prowess

14. Evergrey - Escape of the Phoenix (2021)

Evergrey surprised us again with another brilliant and heartfelt Power/Progressive Metal release this year, easily topping most of their previous efforts

13. Carcass - Torn Arteries (2021)

Jeff Walker and company continue to age like fine wine, and with "Torn Arteries" they show that any amount of time we wait for their new releases is definitely worth it

12. Iskandr - Vergezicht (2021)

Expertly crafted and extremely polished, "Vergezicht" is one of those releases that combines all kinds of elements to perfection while being harsh and punishing at the same time

11. Therion - Leviathan (2021)

Purposefully trying to make an album full of "hit songs", Therion overdelivered with "Leviathan" and its unparalleled catchiness, pleasing all fans of the band in one single release

10. Tribulation - Where the Gloom Becomes Sound (2021)

Superbly catchy, dark, and engaging, we found ourselves really enjoying how the band's sound continues to evolve while keeping its moody gloominess

9. Moonspell - Hermitage (2021)

Darker and more melancholic than their previous releases, "Hermitage" is another fine addition to the ever changing, but consistently good, Moonspell career

8. Powerwolf - Call of the Wild (2021)

The wolfpack is back with another bombastic experience filled with epic moments and humor in "Call of the Wild", if you think you know what to expect, think even bigger with this one

7. Lantlos - Wildhund (2021)

Truly pushing the boundaries of Metal into other territories, Lantlos produced one of the most unique and engaging releases of the year, that while it might not be for everybody, it deserves to be heard

6. Epica - Omega (2021)

As one of the most expected releases of 2021, Epica delivered the goods with a heavy hitting bombastic Symphonic Metal release filled with intricate details and elegant arrangements

5. Wolvennest - Temple (2021)

Hypnotic and primal, "Temple" is one of those magical albums that transported us during the pandemic. This release is as impressive played live as on the LP

4. Seth - La morsure du Christ (2021)

With nearly 8 years between releases, Seth unleashes their best album to date with an intense barrage of crushing riffs and melodic aggression unlike no others in 2021

3. Cradle of Filth - Existence is Futile (2021)

While the band has been quite consistent over they years, "Existence is Futile" shows a more inspired, bombastic, explosive, and very bleak side of the band, marking one of their best efforts in their storied career

2. Empyrium - Über den Sternen (2021)

Perfectly balancing the Empyrium of old and 'new', this release showcases both Metal elements and a hefty dosage of Folk details, showing the band's different musical periods in a cohesive and engaging package

1. Dordeduh - Har (2021)

Nine years after their debut release, "Har" showcases a very well rounded sound filled with magical instrumentation, catchiness, and memorable atmospheric elements, propelling it to the top of our list! This was also the album we played the most during the year


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