Top Black Metal releases of 2021

The year 2021 was filled with tons of awesome Metal releases, but it was Black Metal releases that really stood out with some killer debuts and considerable improvements over their previous efforts from established bands. Our list was hard to rank, but we did our best to reflect what we think was the best of the year:

10. Malum - Devil’s Creation (2021)

One of many gems released through the label Purity Through Fire, which brilliantly showcases a promising Finnish outfit and their crushing sound. Do not miss out on these guys

9. Djevel - Tanker som rir natten (2021)

Further refining their sound, Djevel keep the Norwegian Black Metal flame alive and evolving with their polished delivery

8. Eisenkult - ...vom Himmel, hoch herab (2021)

Funky and unconventional, Eisenkult's latest release is one of those that seemed odd at first and then we ended up listening to more than we would like to admint

7. Remah - Une Main (2021)

While this release has an intense atmospheric edge, the rawness of their Black Metal onslaughts is what makes "Une Main" stand out from the rest

6. Groza - The Redemptive End (2021)

Guitar-driven polished Black Metal a la Uada or Mgła, but with its own sinister identity

5. Baxaxaxa - Catacomb Cult (2021)

Savage old-school Black Metal from Germany, this release takes you back in time with a cavernous journey

4. Sarkrista - Sworn of Profound Heresy (2021)

Hailing from Germany, this band levels everything in their path with intensity, execution, and demoralizing harshness

3. Doedsvangr - Serpents Ov Old (2021)

With a line-up stacked with some of the best Black Metal musicians, and some killer guest appearances, this outfit is just too good when compared to other bands in the genre

2. Délétère / Sarkrista - Opus Blasphematum (2021)

The combination of the sheer power of both Délétère and Sarkrista makes up for one hell of an impressive release that no fan of the genre should miss out on

1. Doodswens - Lichtvrees (2021)

Topping our list we have Dutch duo Doodswens and their debut release perfectly mixing melody, intensity, rawness, and eeriness in a very well crafted package


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