Top Post-Metal/Whatever-else releases of 2021

Post-Metal and its subgeneres continued to grow in 2021, in our list we tried to capture releases that went in multiple different directions from this exciting and complex genre:

Honorable Mention: Kardashev - The Baring of Shadows (2021)

One of the hardest releases to categorize in 2021, "The Baring of Shadows" delivered a good mix of Post-Metal/Black Metal elements with Shoegaze.

5. Sol Sistere - Sol Sistere (2021)

While we have a fully dedicated Atmospheric Black Metal category for our top lists, this Chilean's outfit music delivered waves of emotional Post-Black Metal elements with a hefty dose of atmosphere

4. Year of No Light - Consolamentum (2021)

Year of No Light returned with yet another master class in execution, timing, and songwriting abilities with "Consolamentum".

3. Cult of Luna - The Raging River (2021)

The legendary Cult of Luna dropped another brilliant release oozing Sludgy Post-Metal riffs and powerful tracks.

2. Agrypnie - Metamorphosis (2021)

Oozing melancholy and craftiness, "Metamorphosis" continues the band's evolution in the genre as it keeps refining and advancing its unique style

1. A Secret Revealed - When The Day Yearns For Light (2021)

This release perfectly blends Post-Metal with Post-Hardcore elements to create one of the most crushing albums of the year, if you like heavy stuff, this will shatter your speakers


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