Top Symphonic/Melodic/Folk Black Metal albums of 2021

The year 2021 was a great one for epic Symphonic/Melodic/Folk Black Metal releases. Topping previous years, these bands kept alive the genre with outstanding musicianship and extreme catchiness.

Honorable Mention Varmia - Bal Lada (2021)

Hailing from Poland, this outfit unleashed one of the most unique mixture of Folk and Pagan Black Metal elements in a very melodic and engaging package.

5. Marras - Endtime Sermon (2021)

Finland is not only leading the way in killer traditional Black Metal, they also kick ass in intense and over-the-top arrangements to add a sinister layer on top of a cold and ravaging BM base.

4. Windfaerer - Breaths of Elder Dawns (2021)

Lush mixture of excellent instrumentation, tight execution, and skillful songwriting showcases Windfaerer extremely refined sound.

3. Arcane Existence - Colossus (2021)

North American newcomers Arcane Existence return the 2000's playfulness and catchiness to Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal, need to keep an eye out for these guys in the future.

2. Necronautical - Slain in the Spirit (2021)

The high-octane mixture of Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal from Necronautical is truly mesmerizing and engaging, be sure to not miss out.

1. Netherbird - Arete (2021)

After blowing us away in 2019 with their killer sound, Netherbird returns with a vengeance unleashing a mixture of classic Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child with a splash of Uada.


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