Top albums pushing the boundaries, or closely outside, of Metal in 2021

We like our Metal out of the ordinary, however, some of the releases we review and really enjoy sometimes fall out of the genre itself. 2021 was full of very interesting and engaging releases, making our selection quite hard. Here is our list:

Honorable Mention The Amenta - Revelator (2021)

Australia's weirdest outfit returned with one hell of an odd and yet awesome release this year.

Honorable Mention Les Chants du Hasard - Livre Troisième (2021)

Reminding us of outfits like Devil Doll and Elend, this band unleashed one of the most unique and emotionally charged releases of 2021.

5. Jess and the Ancient Ones - Vertigo (2021)

Finland's Jess and the Ancient Ones returned with another warm and fuzzy release with a more melancholic and somber vibe.

4. Thy Catafalque - Vadak (2021)

A bit difficult to digest, Tamás Kátai always challenges the listener with a unique mixture of different styles ranging from Jazz to Metal, and everything in the middle.

3. Mesarthim - Vacuum Solution (2021)

Another Australian outfit that pushes the boundaries of sanity with their mixture of electronic and atmospheric elements with hefty dose of Metal.

2. Two Hundred Wolves - The Hold (2021)

Jazzy and dreamy, this release is very emotional and engaging. Probably the least 'Metal' album in this list, but still awesome.

1. Illudium - Ash of the Womb (2021)

Reaching the top spot of our list, Illudium delivered one of those fragile and yet disarming releases fill with raw emotions and crafty instrumentation.


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