Beyond Death’s Throne - Haphazard Ethos (2021)


Hailing from Spain, something we don’t say enough here at IM, today we have Black Metal duo Beyond Death’s Throne and their punishing debut mini-release “Haphazard Ethos”. Featuring four songs and over 27 minutes of powerful and enigmatic music. With a dense atmosphere and strong instrumentation, this release is the perfect succinct introduction to a promising band.

The release opens with the atmospheric mood setting intro of “A Threshold Of Harrowed Chants”, as it slowly transitions into blistering drumming and harsh screams. With an emphasis on both melody and brutality, this track grips the listener and never lets go. For darker and more complex Black Metal, we particularly like the deeper harsh vocals paired with ominous clean vocal elements, allowing the band to create a more sinister and eerie atmosphere as in “Diaphanous Lethargy”.

Continuing the onslaught of razor sharp guitars and incisive tempo changes, “The Endless Will” and “Perpetual Glow of the Risen Wise” perfectly round up this aggressive and demoralizing release. The band’s sound is refined, brutal, and yet with enough melody to keep the listener engaged while headbanging sensesly. Filled with potential and skill, “Haphazard Ethos” is one of those crushing debut releases that will certainly put Beyond Death’s Throne in everybody’s radar.

Band: Beyond Death's Throne Album: Haphazard Ethos

Label: Signal Rex

Release: December 17th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 91/100

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