Be'lakor - Coherence (2021)


Five years in the making, Aussie quintet Be'lakor returns with a vengeance with their highly anticipated fifth full-length release “Coherence”. Delivering over one hour of amazing Melodic Death Metal, the band is ready to make up for lost time and take over the scene with this impressive release. Further refining their high-octane signature style, this release will propel the band to new heights.

The release kicks off with the mysterious “Locus” and its blistering drumming alongside twin guitars creating a superbly melodic and catchy opening piece, nothing less than what we expected from the band. Playfully playing with excellent tempo changes and nice guitar solos, the band masterfully manipulates long tracks into feeling very short, as they are quite exciting and engaging, for example the piercing “Foothold” and its sweeping melodies, or the playful “Valence” and its heavy back and forth.

Songs like instrumental “Sweep of Days” nicely showcase the band’s musicality, featuring very crafty drumming and dynamic guitar melodies, allowing for some furious headbanging. One of our favorite tracks has to be the a bit retro sounding “Hidden Window” and its solid lead guitars, chuggy passages alongside emotive piano passages. While the songs are heavy, the band nicely balances both melody and aggression, weaving them back and forth, creating their signature style while putting other bands in the genre to shame.

Closing with yet another masterpiece, “Much More Was Lost”, we get a rollercoaster ride of emotions and brilliant execution. Be’lakor has constantly improved over time and “Coherence” shows great maturity, playfulness, and brilliant execution. The band’s songs continue to be complex and yet filled with direct and in-your-face moments, creating a very unique and dynamic style for themselves. Fans of Melodic Death Metal bands like Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, will find great enjoyment with the latest opus from this Aussie quintet. Do not miss out on this killer release

Band: Be'lakor Album: Coherence

Label: Napalm Records

Release: October 29th, 2021

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 98/100

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